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The Palma Trophy

The Palma Trophy was originally named the Grand Centennial Trophy, in honour of the Centennial celebration of the independance of the United States of America. It was commissioned from Tiffanny’s at a cost of $1500, which was raised from popular subscriptions.
The trophy was a full sized replica of a Roman Legion standard, seven and one half feet tall, executed in bronze with silver and gold inlay. On the banner of the standard was the legend, “In the name of the United States of America to the Riflemen of the World”. Above the banner was the single word, “PALMA”, the latin word for palm tree, which was used by the Romans to signify victory, or the ultimate in excellence.
The original trophy has not been seen since 1954. Serving in its place is a copy which was made from the original Tiffany blue prints at a cost of $32,500. The countries that have competed for the trophy and their scores are listed on the records page.

Australia Match Trophy

The Australia Match Trophy
formerly the
Empire Rifle Match Trophy

A splendid silver trophy manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, mounted on black marble and protected in a fine glass fronted wooden case. It is inscribed "The Empire Rifle Match - for competition by Great Britain and Units of the Empire".


Australian Rifle Team Belmont 2011

Australian Rifle Team
22 October 2011

Palma Teams Match Day 2

Palma Teams
Day 1
Day 2
Great Britain 
3509.311 1195.147 1182.109 1141.084 3518.340 7027.651
South Africa
3484.314 1194.141 1168.115 1146.081 3508.337 6992.651
United States 
3481.304 1193.142 1169.117 1137.092 3499.350 6980.655
3468.289 1191.138 1168.098 1139.078 3498.314 6966.603
3428.261 1187.128 1167.098 1128.076 3482.302 6910.563
New Zealand
3433.251 1189.114 1172.100 1100.068 3461.282 6894.533

21 October 2011
Palma Teams Match Day 1

Palma Teams
Day 1
Great Britain 
1172.108 1146.062 3509.311
South Africa
1164.095 1139.084 3484.314
United States 
1153.103 1143.078 3481.304
1171.101 1117.065 3468.289
New Zealand
1145.083 1114.059 3433.251
1134.078 1121.077 3428.261

Gray and DarrenAndrew and Matt
Gray Robertson, Darren Enslin, Andrew Wilson, Matt Taylor

Andrew WilksonAngus Bell
Andrew Wilson, Janet Wagland, Angus Bell, Steve Negus

George EdserWendy Moon
Rob Cadden, George Edser, Wendy Moon, Bill Baker

20 October 2011
Palma Team Practice

Aus Rifle Team
Team members going for their daily walk led by John Baxter and Rob Rush

Barbara Steve DonnaAus Rifle Team
Barbara, Steve and Donna, The Team resting between ranges
Darren EnslinGillian Webb Enslin
Darren Enslin and Bill Baker, Gillian Webb Enslin and Janet Wagland

19 October 2011

Jim Bailey
Congratulations to Jim Bailey, 8th Badge in the WLRC Individual matches

Top Ten
The World Top 10 Long Range Rifle Shooters in the Final at 1000 Yards
2nd Andre Du Toit (RSA), 5th Geoff Grenfell (Bendigo), 7th Johannes Du Toit (RSA),
4th Jane Messer (GB), 1st Richard Jeens (GB), 3rd David Luckman (GB),
10th Nancy Tompkins (USA), 6th Trudie Fay (USA)
8th Jim Bailey (AUS), 9th John Whidden (USA)

World Individual Long Range Championships - Top 50 Aggregate Badges

Jim BaileyJim Jeffery
Jim Bailey 8th, Jim Jeffery 16th

Duncan DaviesSteve NegusRob Rush
Duncan Davies 26th, Steve Negus 28th, Rob Rush 37th

18-19 October 2011
World Individual Long Range Championships Tue 900Y, 800Y, Wed 1000Y
Stage 3 Aggregate Top 50

Jim BaileySteve NegusBen Picton
Jim Bailey 8th, Steve Negus 12th, Ben Picton 25th

17-18 October 2011
World Individual Long Range Championships Progressive Agg
There are 374 entries

Jim JefferyJim BaileyDuncan Davies
Jim Jeffery 8th, Jim Bailey 16th, Duncan Davies 20th

Barbara BellSteve NegusRob RushRob Cadden
Barbara Bell 43rd, Steve Negus 44th, Rob Rush 51st, Rob Cadden 60th

World Individual Long Range Championships Mon 900Y, 1000Y, Tue 800Y
Stage 2 Aggregate Top 50

Jim JefferyJim BaileyDuncan Davies
Jim Jeffery 17th, Jim Bailey 21st, Duncan Davies 28th

Duncan Davies
Congratulations to Duncan Davies - Gold Medal for Stage 2 800 Yards

Jim Jeffery
Congratulations to Jim Jeffery - Gold Medal for Stage 2 1000 Yards

Ben Picton
Ben Picton competing in the World Individual Long Range matches

Jim Bailey Donna NegusBarbara Bell
Jim Bailey and Donna Negus, Barbara Bell

16-17 October 2011
World Individual Long Range Championships Sun 900Y, 1000Y, Mon 800Y
Stage 1 Aggregate Top 50

Andrew WilsonGray RobertsonDuncan Davies
Andrew Wilson 7th, Gray Robertson 7th, Duncan Davies 17th

Darren EnslinJim JefferyBen Picton
Darren Enslin 19th, Jim Jeffery 21st, Ben Picton 26th

15 October 2011

Angus Bell and  Ron Whalen
Team Awards
Team Awards
The team enjoyed a dinner with families and much laughter
as the Captain handed out his special awards and
Angus collected fines for minor misdemeanors

Aust U25 Team
2011 Australian Under 25 Team
Brendan Parkins, Erica Young, Matthew Pozzebon, Adrian Robinson, Jess Bale
David Brown, Andrew Mayfield (Manager), Evan Jones (Captain),
Robert Black (Coach), Chloe Angelatos

World Under 25 Teams Match

1 USA Red 975.85
2 USA Blue 968.76
3 Canada 963.87
4 Great Britain 957.78
5 South Africa 956.87
6 Australia 955.86

Matt Jane Taylor
Matt and Jane Taylor with our future Under 25's!

14 October 2011

Jim Bailey Colin Cheshire
Congratulations to Jim Bailey, Winner of the Grand Aggregate!
Colin Cheshire presents Jim with the trophy

Jim BaileyJohn Baxter Jim Bailey

NRAA Grand Aggregate Badges
There were 370 entries in A Grade

Jim BaileyJim JefferyGray Robertson

Jim Bailey 1st, Jim Jeffery 3rd, Gray Robertson 7th

Duncan DaviesAngus BellSteve Negus

Duncan Davies 21st, Angus Bell 22nd, Steve Negus 28th

Jim JefferyGray Robertson
Jim Jeffery and Gray Robertson in the Royal Kaltenberg Cup Grand Agg Final

Duncan DaviesAngus Bell
Duncan Davies and Angus Bell in the Final

Donna Negus Steve NegusRon Whalen Barbara Bell
Donna watching Steve Negus in the Final, Ron Whalen and Barbara Bell

NRAA Queens Badges
There were 364 entries in A Grade today

Jim BaileyBarbara BellJim Jeffery
Jim Bailey 3rd, Barbara Bell 13th, Jim Jeffery 14th

Gray RobertsonAngus BellRob Cuthbert
Gray Robertson 17th, Angus Bell 33rd, Rob Cuthbert 35th

Wendy MoonGeorge EdserBill Baker
Wendy Moon 39th, George Edser 43rd, Bill Baker 53rd

Gray Steve Jim Angus Barbara
Gray Robertson, Steve Negus, Jim Bailey, Angus Bell and Barbara Bell

Andrew WilsonDarren Enslin
Andrew Wilson, Darren Enslin

David RichGillian Webb-Enslin
David Rich, Gillian Webb-Enslin

Matt TaylorMicheil Sweet
Matt Taylor, Micheil Sweet

Nick Cock Rob Rush
Nick Cock, Rob Rush

Duncan DaviesDonna Negus
Duncan Davies, Donna Negus

Governor Penelope Wensley
Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, Governor of Queensland
inspects the Honour Guard from 136 Army Cadet Unit based in Redland City

Penelope Wensley136 ACU Honour Guard
The Governor is welcomed to Belmont by John Fitzgerald, Chairman NRAA.
136 ACU Cadets in period uniforms formed an Honour Guard
WW1 "Khakis" with .303 rifle, Vietnam "Greens" with SLR L1A1 and
"Cams" with the Austeyr rifle

13 October 2011

Jim BaileyJim Bailey Ron Whalen
Congratulations to Vice Captain Jim Bailey, Bronze Medal for Queens Day 2 Agg
Congratulations to Ron Whalen, Captain of the NRAA Team to USA 2012

NRAA Queens Day 1 & 2, Progressive Agg Top 50 Placings
There are 363 competitors in A Grade

Angus BellJim BaileyJim Jeffery
Angus Bell 4th, Jim Bailey 6th, Jim Jeffery 10th

John BaxterBarbara BellGray Robertson
John Baxter 22nd, Barbara Bell 24th, Gray Robertson 29th

Duncan DaviesAndrew Wilson
Duncan Davies 31st, Andrew Wilson 49th

Wow, Jim Jeffery was bought by the Australian Team Captain,
Jim Bailey was bought by his Rifle Club and
Angus Bell was bought by his brother in law, that's sweet!

Angus BellBarbara Bell
Angus Bell and Barbara Bell are both in the Top 50
This Australian Team includes five married couples and two sisters

Gillian Webb Darren EnslinDonna Steve Negus
Gillian Webb-Enslin and Darren Enslin, Donna Negus and Steve Negus

NRAA Queens Day 2, 600, 800 and 900 Yards Top 50 Placings

Jim BaileyAngus BellDuncan Davies
Jim Bailey 3rd, Angus Bell 11th, Duncan Davies 18th

Bill BakerJohn BaxterJim JefferyAndrew Wilson
Bill Baker 31st, John Baxter 42nd, Jim Jeffery 45th, Andrew Wilson 50th

Bill Baker
Bill Baker watches the storm rolling in over Belmont
More rain is forecast for tomorrow's NRAA Queen's final

12 October 2011

Melva Hobson and John Baxter

Redland City Mayor hosts Reception
for Australian and International Rifle Teams at Indigiscapes

Team Captains

International Palma Rifle Team Captains at the Mayoral Reception
John Baxter Aust, Dennis Flaharty USA, Jacob De Beer RSA, Tony Loughlan NZ,
Councillor Melva Hobson - Mayor Redland City, John Webster GB,
LTGEN Laurie O'Donnell Patron NRAA and Yoshihito Sakakibra Japan

NRAA Queens Day 1, 300, 500 and 600 Yards Top 50 Placings
Team statistics in the top 50, Australia 10, USA 7, South Africa 8
Great Britain 6, Canada 4, New Zealand 2

George EdserJim JefferyBarbara Bell
George Edser 12th, Jim Jeffery 13th, Barbara Bell 16th

Angus BellNick CockWendy Moon
Angus Bell 20th, Nick Cock 23rd, Wendy Moon 29th

Gray RobertsonRob CuthbertJohn BaxterJim Bailey
Gray Robertson 30th, Rob Cuthbert 33rd, John Baxter 39th, Jim Bailey 45th

George Edser Rob Cadden
George Edser and Rob Cadden

Wendy MoonRox Rob Cuthbert
Wendy Moon, Roz and Rob Cuthbert

11 October 2011

The Australian Rifle Team
The Australia Match was shot on a beautiful Queensland day of sunshine and
tricky wind conditions. Full results on

1 Great Britain 1969.203
2 South Africa 1965.189
3 USA 1962.195
4 Australia 1957.203
5 Canada 1952.179
6 New Zealand 1936.138

Australian Rifle Team
John Baxter, Rob Rush and Rex Wigney watching the Team
at 900 yards in the Australia Match

Matt Taylor and Jim Jeffery
Matt Taylor and Jim Jeffery being coached by Steve Negus
Gray Ben John Reg
Gray Robertson, Ben Picton, John Baxter and Reg Wagland
Janet and Gillian
Janet Wagland and Gillian Webb-Enslin

10 October 2011
Practice day for the Australia Match at Belmont Range
Nick Cock, Jim Jeffery, Ben Picton, David Brown, Andrew Wilson
Nick Cock, Jim Jeffery, Ben Picton, David Brown and Andrew Wilson

Australian Rifle Team
Donna Negus and the Team preparing for the Australia Match

9 October 2011

Jim Jeffery Jim Bailey
Congratulations to Jim Jeffery and Jim Bailey who both scored 298.34
in the President's individual matches, one point behind the winner
Johannes Du Toit from South Africa

NRAA President's Agg Top 50 Placings
There are 335 competitors in A Grade

Jim BaileyJim JefferyGray Robertson
Jim Bailey 2nd, Jim Jeffery 3rd, Gray Robertson 5th

Steve NegusDuncan DaviesAngus BellAndrew Wilson
Steve Negus 8th, Duncan Davies 11th, Angus Bell 38th, Andrew Wilson 48th

Steve Negus
Steve Negus coached himself to a possible in the President's Matches

8 October 2011

Opening Ceremony
Australian Team flag bearers at the Opening Ceremony of the
World Long Range Championships at Belmont.
Andrew Wilson, David Rich, Barbara Bell, Gillian Webb-Enslin, Rob Cuthbert & Bill Baker.
LTCOL Rex WIgney swapped uniforms to hoist the flag, with LCPL Gumley from 136 ACU.

Provincial Match
Bill Baker and Wendy Moon flanked by the Australian Team
waiting for the start of the Provincial Match
The first day of shooting in the World Long Range Championships was delayed by a violent thunderstorm so both stages of the Provincial Teams Match were shot at 300 yards.
Duncan Davies

Congratulations to Duncan Davies who top scored in our teams
with 100.17 in the Provincial Match

1 Great Britain 600.82
2 Australia Gold 597.79
3 Great Britain 596.65
4 Canada Blue 595.70
5 Australia Green 595.69
6 NSW Rifle Association 594.84
7 USA Blue 594.69
8 Canada Red 594.63
9 USA Young Eagles 591.62
10 USA Vets 590.46
11 USA Goodwill Gold 589.59
12 Canada VE 589.57
13 Canada VW 589.40
14 Great Britain 588.63
15 USA Red 587.59
16 Canada Green 587.55
17 Australia Blue 586.63
18 Qld Rifle Association 586.55
19 USA Blue 585.53
20 Great Britain U25 Blue 584.52
21 North Qld Rifle Association 584.50
22 Australia U25 583.43
23 Great Britain U25 Red 580.57
24 New Zealand U25 580.53
25 Northern Territory Rifle Assoc 578.46

20 August 2011

Australia is in the final stages of training for the Palma Match
which will be held at Belmont Range, Brisbane, Australia, 21-22 October 2011
Gray RobertsonJim Jeffery

Vice Captain Gray Robertson wins the 2011 Qld Queens and Grand Aggregate
Jim Jeffery wins the 2011 Duncan Leadup

Australian Rifle Team
Team Manager Rex Wigney, Tactician Rob Rush and Team Captain John Baxter (top left)
discuss Australian Rifle Team training at Belmont in 2011

Australian U25 Rifle Team
Team Captain Evan Jones and Team Manager Andrew Mayfield with the
Australian Under 25 Team, training alongside at Belmont

Australia On Target
World Long Range Rifle Championships

The Palma Match. Australia is proud to be one of only five countries to have competed in the original Centennial International Long Range Match, which was held at the Creedmore Range in New York, USA in 1876. Subsequently the event became known as the Palma Trophy Teams Match and it has been shot 28 times officially between 1876 and 2007. Australia has competed 14 times, in 1876, 1903, 1907, 1971, 1976, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

The Palma Match is shot at distances of 800, 900 and 1000 yards on imperial ranges such as Belmont, and 700, 800 and 900 metres on metric ranges. Teams of 16 men and women, in four squads of four, fire 15 shots at each distance, repeated over two days. Each squad is controlled by a coach who applies corrections for wind to the iron sights of .308 calibre rifles. Full bore team shooting is an endurance sport and the Palma Match is a unique, shoulder to shoulder, international competition of marksmanship skills.

Only five countries have won this match, out of a total of 24 national teams (not counting composite teams). Australia has won the Palma Match twice, at Trentham in New Zealand in 1979, and at home at Malabar in Sydney in 1988.

The Australia Match. The Australia Match was inaugurated in 1907 with the first match at Randwick Rifle Range, Sydney, between Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. In 1988, Australia's Bicentennial year, the Empire Match was renamed the Australia Match and the competition, formerly restricted to member countries of the Commonwealth, was opened to all shooting nations. From 1994 the title of "The Commonwealth Team Championships" was also added however teams outside the Commonwealth have been allowed to enter from time to time with the permission of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA). Australia have completed in all 49 matches, winning 17 of them. The record score of 1977.217 was achieved by Australia, in Brisbane in 2005.


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